REISA Antitrust Policy

REISA Board of Directors accepted an antitrust compliance policy on March 7, 2007. It is and has been the policy of REISA to comply with all laws applicable to its conduct, including all antitrust and competition laws.

There are serious consequences for associations and their members who do not comply with the antitrust laws. Failure to comply can exact a heavy price from REISA and its members. Individuals face fines as high as $1 million and jail time as long as 10 years. Corporations have been fined as much as $500 million. There are also significant costs associated with defending or settling private treble damage antitrust suits, whether they be class actions or not, and the substantial judgments that may be awarded in these cases, which could seriously cripple or destroy an association and its members.

It is the responsibility of each officer, director and member to adhere to REISA’s Antitrust Compliance Policy. It’s important that every member becomes familiar with the nature and scope of the antitrust laws and the conduct prohibited by them.

To read the entire policy, click here.

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