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To apply, please select your type of membership and then enter your personal and billing information.

Membership Classifications

Each membership type is reserved for a company and a certain number of individuals are included in each type of membership. One main person should be designated as the primary contact. For Individual and Affiliate Single memberships, the sole individual listed will automatically become the primary contact. The membership category selected below must be based on what best fits the majority of your business. Please see the Member Category Definitions for more information and frequently asked questions.

Sponsor Membership

Engaged in the sale or management of securities or other real estate offerings.

  • Unlimited company representatives are included with your membership (e.g., employees, partners or principals of the Sponsor).
  • Eligible for sponsorship at REISA events.

Dues for Sponsor Members are based on the amount of capital raised within the 12 months prior to submitting this application:

Membership Fee: $5,000.  

Membership Fee: $7,500.  

Membership Fee: $10,000.  

Affiliate Membership


  • Unlimited company representatives are included with your membership (e.g., employees, partners or principals of the Affiliate Company).
  • Eligible for sponsorship at REISA events.

For Independent Wholesalers and other industry related parties with one (1) individual working for or owning firm.
Membership Fee: $1,000.
Affiliate single members are not eligible for sponsorship at REISA events.

Associate Membership

A Broker-Dealer (BD) or Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) member is a firm that has the ability and primary purpose to directly execute selling agreements with and raise capital for programs of non-affiliated sponsor firms on behalf of producing Registered Representatives (RRs) and Investment Advisor Representatives (IARs).

REISA provides a complimentary membership for all Broker-Dealers and RIAs. In addition, BDs and RIAs receive up to two complimentary registrations for all REISA events.
Excludes producing reps/IARs whose primary business is retail sales to investors.



Individual Membership

(Retail-producing) Registered Representatives and Investment Adviser/Investment Advisory Representatives (IAR). All individual retail members must have an active license, but may be currently unaffiliated with a broker-dealer firm.

Membership Fee: $199*
Not eligible for sponsorship at REISA events.
* Membership is waived for those who currently hold an active FINRA/NASD Series 1, 7, 22, or 65 license in good standing.
I currently hold the following license(s) in good standing:

Membership Fee: $199*
Not eligible for sponsorship at REISA events.
* Membership is waived for those who currently hold an active state-issued license in good standing.

* If you do not hold a license noted above, please contact Tony Grego at to sign up as a member at the price of $199.


Please select a membership classification above.

Additional Members

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Membership Information

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REISA Foundation Contribution

Note: You may increase your contribution by entering the amount ($15 minimum) in the contribution box or opt out of making a contribution by unchecking the box below. (If you are applying for Associate Membership, you may make a voluntary contribution by checking the box; please also then select a payment type at the bottom of the form.) All donations are tax deductible.


Member Locator

REISA has a "Member Locator" section of its website in which the general public may search for members based upon certain information such as location, membership type, industry type, etc. To view the member locator, click here.

Do you wish to be included in the member locator?

It is important to note that participation in the member locator may be considered advertising by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ("FINRA"), and if you are licensed with FINRA, participation in the member locator may require pre-approval from your Broker-Dealer.

Additional Information

Email Preferences

As a benefit to being a REISA member, you will receive e-mail communications on specific topics of interest to you. You can customize which REISA e-blasts you receive. Check the boxes next to the items below that you would like to receive.

A monthly e-mail addressing current legislative and regulatory topics and issues that affect the industry.

E-mails regarding offers to attend other industry events.

Code of Ethics

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Payment Type


REISA spends approximately 13% of its budget on lobbying efforts. Therefore, according to federal tax law, only 87% of your total dues can be deducted as a business expense.

When you click Review Registration you will be presented with a review of your information along with the total amount to be charged. Payment information will be collected on the following pages. You will have the option to pay in full or set up quarterly payments.

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